Zaragoza, Spain

September 10, 2019

So I’m gonna be quite honest with you…I didn’t know the city of Zaragoza even existed until I was granted the opportunity to play here. The only cities I knew about in Spain were Barcelona and Madrid…the basic ones all Americans hear of (ya ik we’re annoying). Zaragoza is actually the 5th largest city in Spain with a population of around 700,000 (so I’ve been told). Where us players live is a 30 minute trek to the centre, so for the first week or so I wasn’t feeling too great about this “big, cool city” we supposedly lived in. After settling in and adjusting to the time zone we finally made our way to the city and my mind was completely changed!

The real reason I actually first ventured into the city centre was because that’s where the only Starbucks is (lol). Ya girl has gotta have her chai!!! Two steps from Starbucks begins an ENTIRE STREET full of shopping, bars, cafes & restaurants. I swear I have never been around this much shopping in my entire life… no this does not help my shopping addiction. There aren’t any “normal” American stores so it’s been a fun experience to check out some Spanish brands/boutiques and see what is trending over here. Clothes are SO much cheaper over here!!!(also does not help my addiction) but ya girl will be the most stylish when I come back to the USofA baby!

The bars/restaurants have been very different from what we are used to. First of all, no-one speaks English here so that makes it difficult to communicate/order what we want. On multiple occasions us Americans (Lana, Nikia & I) have received something completely different than what we thought we were getting..Google translate is not always correct πŸ™‚ The two foods I would say they eat the most here would be tapas and paella. I’m not a huge tapas fan but paella I REALLY enjoy as long as there is no seafood in it.

The one thing I love about Europe in general is how everyone goes to the coffee shop daily to grab a cup and relax. This is SO much different from the US where everyone grabs a coffee on their way to work and tries to avoid any sort of human contact (yes this is me too). But here and all around Europe people spend HOURS sitting in coffee shops…blows my mind!!! Today actually, Lana & I found this adorable little cafe that was decorated all cute with music playing and the doors open and all sorts of pastries/breads…it was like heaven for me. I’m able to take my laptop there to do some work/get out of the apartment and order a “cafe con leche” all for 1.50. That beats the $6 I was spending at Starbucks everyday too πŸ˜‰

The one thing I would say Zaragoza is known for is the ” Basilica de Nuestra SeΓ±ora de Pilar” which is a Roman Catholic Church in the centre and it is GINORMOUS. I am not even exaggerating. Take a look at the pictures and you will see. The first time we walked up to it I was honestly in shock. The architecture and craftsmanship was almost unbelievable and that was before we even took a step inside. The second I walked inside my jaw immediately dropped. There was actually a service going on as we were walking through which made it even cooler to witness. Don’t get me wrong I love my church at home, but it’s absolutely breathtaking to witness the churches and religious creations here. That’s a trend I’ve noticed in Europe in general. There are sooooooooo many “famous” buildings and sightseeing areas that we just don’t have in the states. Definitely makes us Americans appreciate it even more πŸ™‚

So if you’re ever thinking about going to Zaragoza or Spain in general…DOOOO ITTTTTTT. You will not regret it, I promise. As far as restaurants go I ain’t got any suggestions for ya sadly. I am a pretty picky eater and find places that have the most basic foods you can imagine. BUT if you want any suggestions for coffee or desserts….ya then I’m your girl .

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