New Team Who Dis??

September 5, 2019

After my first professional season in The Netherlands with PSV I decided it was time for a change. And this is not bashing on PSV or Eindhoven or the country in general because I actually loved all three. With that being said, after being injured for a little over a year and only getting a chance to play here and there, it was time for something to change. After coming home in January to fully rehab I started to look at other options. I had options to play in a few different countries, but for some reason I felt like Spain was calling my name. The whole point of me playing abroad is to learn and improve. After being around the US game for so long new styles, people and cultures are a breath of fresh air. I’ve grown up watching teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid keep 95% possession and make teams look silly. With the quick, technical style I felt like I could fit in well but also learn and improve which made it a perfect fit!

I had some options to play in La Liga (Divison 1) right from the get-go, but after being injured for so long and not having been in a highly competitive training session/game for 8 months I decided it was best for me to “ease back into it” if there is such a thing. Zaragoza CFF provided me an option to play in the lower division (Division 1 Pro), get back into the swing of things & gain my confidence back while simultaneously allowing me to adjust to the Spanish game.

My time here has had its ups and downs but honestly what doesn’t?? I am certainly still adjusting to the Spanish game, but through all of our preseason games I am averaging 0.75 gpg (goals per game). My goal for this year is to average at least 1 GPG. A goal each game is honestly tougher than it sounds but I think it’s a good goal for myself in order for me to improve and create a future for myself in the game.

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