PEC Zwolle

November 7, 2018

Okay so I took a little break from the blog and soccer posts. It was becoming very tough for me mentally to write about all of these games I was not playing in. First, it was difficult to remember as I’ve learned you remember a lot less details when you’re watching from the sideline. Second, I was in a bad mental state about soccer and my injury and writing these posts were just yet another reminder. So, after a few game break I am back to playing and writing!!

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October 2, 2018

WTF are saddlebags? I’m sure you already know this fat holding area but haven’t heard the name before, at least that was the case for me. Saddlebags are just like they sound! They are the round pockets of fat on the outside of your upper thigh. If you have excess fat here they will truly look like you have a saddlebag on each side of your body, hence the name. But have no fear!! I have 5 killer exercises that are sure to burn this fat away. Continue Reading


Top5 Top5 Top5

September 29, 2018

Over the years I have REALLY gotten into beauty. I used to be such a boy, seriously. Like wear ugly sweats with a baggy top, hair in a rats nest and no makeup on. Thankfully for everyone’s sake I have grown up and actually care about my appearance. Beauty is SO interesting to me because you can always put your own spin on it and wear what fits your personality. Most people know I usually go for the natural look, since I’m always wearing sporty clothes (lol). The natural look is one that is so simple yet looks good on everyone. Here I will share my 5 favorite beauty products with you that I swear by!  Continue Reading


Smoothie Bowls

September 28, 2018

Smoothie bowls have been around for quite some time, yet I am JUST now getting into them. I think their “popular” stage was my “eat whatever you feel like” phase, therefore they never sparked my interest. Now that I am a full time professional footballer and have had to take my eating habits a lot more seriously, smoothie bowls have become my ultimate go-to lunch during the week. Continue Reading

Cheat Day!

Loaded Nachos

September 28, 2018

I have never been a big nachos person, never. Probably because I’m not a big chips person in general. If I’m gonna order street food or a snack you will catch me with fries 10/10 times. UNTIL, I came here to The Netherlands. I was reading the menu at this new place we were trying and realized they had “loaded nachos” on the menu but with FRIES underneath instead of chips…I fell in love. Continue Reading


How To Work Better

September 27, 2018

As I was deciding what I wanted to write for this week’s inspirational post, I just happened to be online shopping (this happens a lot). If you haven’t heard of Glossier before it is a MUST look up for the ladies. Seriously. They are a makeup brand and I seriously swear by a few of their products (I will talk about those in a different post). They tweeted this picture with a list of 10 ways to “work better”. Interesting, I thought. I have considered ways to eat better and work harder, but better is not necessarily harder… Continue Reading



September 26, 2018

I honestly didn’t know what to expect on my visit to Amsterdam central. My entire life in the US the only thing people said about Amsterdam was how weed is legal there (lol). & it is – you can’t go one block without a nice whiff of some. But now after living here in The Netherlands, people have much different ideas and things to say about the city. Continue Reading



September 26, 2018

For our third week of division play we drove about 2 hours to play Heerenveen. This will be a fairly short post again, as I was still unable to play this week. My injury has actually gotten better, but there is no reason to risk it right now. It is still the beginning of a very long season, so I am continuing to work hard and focus on rehab to make sure I will be 100% ready when my time finally comes, and my name is called. Continue Reading



September 24, 2018

HIPS DON’T LIE! Says Shakira, and me too! Have any fat around your hips? Or, want wider hips like Kim K? Okay I can’t give you the solution to look like Kim K, but there are 3 main exercises I do on a daily basis. These will burn that stubborn fat and build lean muscle, in turn filling out those lovely hip dips. Continue Reading

Cheat Day!

Banoffee Muffins..What?

September 23, 2018

Okay so my first cheat day post…definitely my favorite subject to write about. Cheat day best day!! A few months ago almost everyday was cheat day for me. Now, I am eating very strict throughout the week and take Saturday to reward myself for a good week of eating! I usually  eat an “unhealthy” snack during the afternoon with a normal lunch, then eat any meal I want for dinner, followed by dessert (of course). My go-to cheat snack has been the exact same thing for the last 3 Saturdays…banoffee muffins..what? Continue Reading